Expert Bowling Ball Drilling

Want to have your new bowling ball drilled by a professional?  We’ve got the know how and experience. We work directly with you to give you the best layout for your game.

Expert Bowling Ball Resurfacing

We use the Haus Resurfacing System. This system provides consistent, accurate results – time after time.

After just 30 or 40 games on wood or synthetic lanes, balls lose consistent cover reaction. Some may think that synthetic lane beds have caused resurfacing to be less important than it once was but that is not the case.

The “chop” presented in the ball’s track by wooden lanes made the need for resurfacing quite obvious. Synthetics, however, do not make cross-checking so visible but regardless of the lane’s surface the need for resurfacing is still very real.

Expert Bowling Ball Plug

Need to make changes to your bowling ball such as finger or thumb inserts or need to have your ball plugged and drilled?  Come by the pro shop and see our resident professional for assistance.