Bowling Styles



Bowlers with higher rev rates benefit more from:
Low RG Differential Balls and/or layouts that limit the use of Differential
Creating earlier ball reactions on long patterns and controlling the break point on shorter patterns


Bowlers with lower rev rates benefit more from:
Low RG core designs with High RG Differential on patterns that have high volume oil in the “heads and mid-lane”
Longer/Stronger ball reactions down patterns with a deep inside lay down location


Bowler style dictates how cores help determine the ball motion
Ball surface controls how much motion the lane environment


What effect does surface have on Ball Motion?

Dull surface – (lower grit such as 500 or 1000). will cause the ball to hook earlier in a more controlled or arc shape

Shiny Surface (Higher grit such as 4000) will cause the ball to hook later in a more angular shape

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